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With an emphasis on a wide range of disputes, construction litigation cases can arise out of construction agreements, breach of contracts, payment claims and claims of injury or wrongful death caused by negligent behavior involving owners, contractors, material suppliers, architects, engineers, developers, investors or insurers.

When looking for an attorney to represent you, it’s important for your legal counsel to be well informed with the legalities of the construction field with a general understanding of workplace safety rules and regulations. Using an attorney with comprehensive knowledge of your dispute and construction matters will increase the chances of a smooth settlement.

Representing You

At Fryer & Hansen, we understand how simple or complex construction litigation can be. With our extensive experience in construction law disputes, we are more than accustomed to undertaking issues of conflicting claims during and after construction projects. To help you move forward, we use our understanding of engineering, customary practices and complexities surrounding major building projects to build your case. We can identify different options that will only have you and your company’s goals in mind.

We provide a full range of services to all those involved in the construction industry:

Let Our Attorneys Help

At Fryer & Hansen, PLLC, we represent the buyers, sellers and individuals entangled in construction litigation. Our attorneys have the ability to use their engineering knowledge to counsel you in taking the best approach for your and your company’s future. With your goals in mind, we will aggressively investigate the problem to solve any simple or multifaceted dispute.

If you are facing an issue with a contractor, architect, building project or other construction litigation-related matter, we are ready and willing to help. To get started, or for more information, contact our highly skilled attorneys at 956.686.6606, or visit us at our McAllen office today.

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