3 Steps to Follow Before Meeting with Our Commercial Litigation Lawyers in McAllen

In a previous blog, we went over the different types of disputes seen in typical commercial litigation cases. This included cases where individuals and businesses filed lawsuits against other businesses. Oftentimes, this results from contract disputes, fraud, and even class-action lawsuits. Depending on what your dispute is, you’ll need the help of our commercial litigation... read more

What You Should Know About the Basics of Commercial Litigation

Have you ever read about or seen news stories about lawsuits filed against a business? These lawsuits can be filed for a number of reasons by a number of different parties. These types of cases fall under commercial litigation. Read on to learn the basics of this legal field and how our lawyers in McAllen... read more

Some Important Things That All Business Owners Should Know When Dealing with Commercial Litigation

Although owning and operating a business is something that’s highly sought after, there are many issues that can arise once it’s running. Breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation, tax disputes, shareholder issues and partnership/joint venture disputes are just a few of the most prevalent conflicts that can happen. As a small business owner, it’s a... read more

A Brief Overview of what Commercial Litigation is and How it Works

One of the most common legal fields practiced by attorneys is commercial litigation. This typically involves disputes of all types that result in business and includes partnership disputes, business torts, contract negotiations, shareholder disagreements, etc. Our lawyers in McAllen understand that in order to be a successful commercial litigator, one must have the ability to... read more