Mechanic’s & Materialman’s Liens

Mechanic and materialman’s liens, also known as “artisans’ liens”, are legal claims or disputes concerning property that has been remodeled or improved. Typically used by subcontractors and suppliers, negotiations between different contractors and material providers can become confusing.

For those providing services such as plumbing, painting, construction, carpentry, automotive repair and general contracting or subcontracting, using an attorney can aide in settling a dispute about payment or handling any payments that haven’t been processed. It is an effective remedy to aide in obtaining what you are owed.

Settling Your Disputes

Fryer & Hansen, PLLC understands that by working with a multifaceted array of contractors and suppliers, it can become difficult to get paid. We work diligently and efficiently to protect you and your company. Our attorneys and staff are ready to find the best approach on your behalf while answering any questions you might have. We are able to offer a number of diverse routes to assist you in your mechanic and materialman’s liens claims, including:

  • Preparation of Notice Letters
  • Filing Affidavits
  • Prosecution of Defense
  • Bonding
  • Construction Contracts
  • Warranty Claims
  • Damages
  • Collections

Attorneys at Your Side

We understand that your livelihood rests on your income and that disputes or litigation can put a halt on your personal life and business. As the Rio Grande Valley grows and construction becomes more commonplace, homeowners, commercial and residential property owners, contractors and developers can all face disputes on payment, damages and claims.

At Fryer & Hansen, PLLC, we are knowledgeable in every aspect of mechanic and materialman’s liens. We can pursue, defend, bond around claims and diligently work to collect any amounts that are owed to you. To file your affidavit today, or for more information, contact our highly skilled attorneys at 956.686.6606.