Estate Planning McAllen for Blended Families: Unique Challenges and Effective Strategies

Some of life’s most beautiful and meaningful moments happen within a family. However, for blended families, this unique family structure brings specific dynamics, especially regarding estate planning McAllen.  Fryer and Hansen understand that every blended family member wants to feel valued and secure. If you’re currently considering an estate plan, you’ll want to ensure everyone’s... read more

Estate Planning for Business Owners: Advice from McAllen Attorneys

Estate planning is important. It ensures that your belongings are taken care of and given to the right people when you pass away. For business owners, estate planning takes on an added layer of complexity. It involves not just personal assets, but also: Business interests Employee considerations The continuity of the business itself At Fryer... read more

Our Probate Attorney McAllen TX Talks Contesting Wills

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, disputes arise in the probate process, making it a complex and emotionally challenging experience. Our probate attorney McAllen TX understands you want to avoid bringing negativity into the mix. That’s why we work tirelessly to help you resolve conflicts efficiently and amicably. Our McAllen estate... read more

Our Estate Planning Lawyer McAllen Debunks Common Myths

Our Estate Planning Lawyer McAllen agrees, we have more access than ever. We can connect with loved ones in just a few seconds, share some of our most meaningful moments with others, and access information about any topic imaginable. Unfortunately, this also means accidentally gaining access to misinformation – and when it comes to the... read more

Our Estate Planning Lawyer McAllen Chimes In On Digital Estate Planning

At Fryer and Hansen, our estate planning lawyer McAllen wants you to be up to speed with everything regarding your process. Learn more about digital estate planning and how to manage your online presence once you’re no longer here with the help of our McAllen estate planning lawyers. In this day and age, technology makes... read more

Lawyers in McAllen: Guardianship vs. Power of Attorney

Suppose you’re in McAllen and beginning your estate planning journey. In that case, there’s a big chance you’re running into terminology you may not be entirely familiar with – beneficiary, health directive, plus Guardianship and power of attorney. Today, our estate planning lawyers in McAllen at Fryer and Hansen want to focus on these last two, particularly on the difference between Guardianship and power of attorney.... read more

Estate Planning Tips for Single Parents from McAllen Lawyers

Family is a big priority for our McAllen lawyers and the South Texas region. If you're a single parent, providing for your children is paramount, especially after you're no longer here to care for them. An estate plan is a crucial step in ensuring that your children are protected and provided for in the event... read more

Estate Planning Lawyer McAllen: Common Mistakes Made by Residents – Part 2

In a recent blog, our estate planning lawyer McAllen at Fryer and Hansen brought you valuable information about the most common mistakes our city's residents make in their estate planning process. We are fully committed to helping you avoid all possible pitfalls – whether starting your estate plan, updating it, or needing more insight. Read... read more

Common Mistakes McAllen Lawyers Help You Avoid – Part 1

This may come as no surprise, but the estate planning process with our McAllen Lawyers has plenty of implications. After all, your decisions can tremendously impact the people you care about, even after you are no longer with them. Despite this, it’s not unusual for residents to fall into common pitfalls in their estate planning... read more

Charitable Giving: Our Estate Planning Lawyer McAllen Chimes In

Our estate planning lawyer McAllen recognizes how significant charitable giving can be and the power it wields as support for organizations and initiatives that align with your core values and beliefs. If you're considering this in your estate planning process, our McAllen estate planning lawyers have some insight you will want to take advantage of.... read more