Should I Worry About Estate Planning at a Young Age?

If you’re in your 20s, then you’ve probably heard your parents, relatives, or other older people tell you that you’re in the early stages of life and are just getting started. So, with so much affirmation for your young age, it isn’t uncommon to think that estate planning is something you won’t need to worry... read more

What Can I do if a Family Member Decides to Contest a Loved One’s Will?

A common worry that many have when putting together a will is their family and friends not accepting what the document stipulates. After all, emotions will be high following a loved one’s passing and feelings may be hurt if someone feels that the will is unfair. This can lead to a will contest, which can... read more

When is the Best Time to Update My Estate Plan?

You’ve done the hard part and planned your estate with the help of our McAllen lawyers and it’s the first step in ensuring that your family and property are taken care of. But this doesn’t mean you should lock your documents away and forget about them. After all, life can change in a heartbeat and... read more

You’re Never Too Young to Prepare a Will!

You’ve probably heard many older people stress to the younger crowd about preparing for the future. In fact, we’re willing to bet that you’ve gotten an earful of this from your parents or relatives. If so, they’re right! It’s absolutely essential to prepare for your future, whether it’s for finances, well-being, or even for your... read more

3 Questions You Might Have When Dealing with Estate Planning

When it comes to estate planning, many will inevitably run into some questions that require the knowledge of an estate planning attorney. At Fryer and Hansen, we want to keep you well-informed. We’ve been asked what wills are, if people can draft joint wills with spouses, and what can happen if someone passes without a... read more

Two Things That Can Happen if You Don’t Prepare a Will

As life would have it, death often comes when we least expect it. This is especially true when healthy, young, and active people suddenly pass away. Of course, after a person passes, there’s a great deal of emotional uncertainty surrounding his or her family. This can be further stressed if the individual never prepared a... read more

3 Things to Remember When Suggesting a Will to Someone You Love

Drafting a will can either be one of the most stress-inducing or stress-relieving processes in life. For some people, it’s comforting to know that all of their affairs will be in order after their death. On the other hand, going through so many belongings and deciding who gets what is a process that can last... read more

What Are My Options if I Own Digital Property?

In many cases, when people think of assets distributed through a will, cars, houses, money, and even land come to mind. But what happens when one wants to pass down digital accounts with dozens of paid songs or movies on it? Or what about many domain names that might be worth quite a lot in... read more

3 Things Most Often Left Out of Wills That You Should Never Overlook

When drafting a will, you should take into consideration a lifetime of your work. We know that it sounds like an overwhelming task, but it should be done, nonetheless. So much can go into drafting one that it can be easy to forget some very important factors or decisions. The last thing you’ll want is... read more

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Draft a Will on Your Own

If you’re putting together a will on your own, then you may be thinking that there’s little to no chance of leaving anything out or making mistakes, right? After all, who knows your finances, family, and expectations better than you? The truth of the matter is that drafting a will is a very involved process... read more