Welcome the New Year by Drafting Your Will in McAllen

No matter what your outlook is for the coming months, a new year is a new opportunity to benefit your loved ones. Our probate lawyers in McAllen believe one of the best ways to ensure their futures is to draft a will. Drafting a will is simple as long as you remember to include these... read more

Estate Planning for Military Families – Part 2

In a previous blog, estate planning lawyers in McAllen shared some of the most common and essential factors to consider as military families begin their estate planning journey. Understanding each step and consideration can help create a clear and effective plan, even though the process may seem overwhelming. Fryer and Hansen want to provide more... read more

3 Strategies for Estate Planning for Military Families

Military life is about as non-traditional as it gets. It often comes with a unique set of challenges, routines, and opportunities. When military families begin the estate planning process, there are plenty of factors to consider – the frequent relocations, overseas deployments, and the need for financial security. Our estate planning lawyers in McAllen want... read more

Our Attorneys Address Estate Planning for Blended Families

At Fryer and Hansen in McAllen, we recognize the unique dynamics and challenges in estate planning for blended families – relationships consisting of spouses with children from previous partnerships. These blended families must navigate different estate planning concerns including: Legal rights of stepchildren Fair distribution of assets Pre/post-nuptial agreements Let's explore the complexities blended families... read more

3 Risks of Not Creating an Estate plan with our McAllen Attorneys

Many people consider estate planning a complex and time-consuming task of massive proportions. Yet it doesn't have to be, especially if you count on the guidance of our McAllen Attorneys. We want you to consider the alternative scenario in which you choose to forgo estate planning. The repercussions can leave a chaotic aftermath for your... read more

Our McAllen Lawyers Share 4 Common Issues in the Estate Planning Process

No matter how careful we try to be, mishaps are a part of life. However, some errors have a way of affecting us and our families for more time than we bargained for. This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in the estate planning process, especially when people go at it alone. Learn more about some of the... read more

3 Probate Mistakes Our McAllen Estate Planning Lawyers Want You to Avoid

Have you ever heard of someone contesting a will or estate plan in a probate court? Picture it. You show up to a court to listen to the distribution of your loved ones' assets and property they had promised you. However, another relative is there contesting how much you are to receive. It's troubling but... read more

Our Estate Planning Lawyers Answer 3 Common Questions

Planning your estate in McAllen can potentially become an overwhelming undertaking. You’ll have many factors to consider, plenty of information to collect, and numerous questions you’ll have to ask yourself. At Fryer and Hansen in McAllen, we want you to be as prepared as possible when planning your estate. One thing that may help is... read more

Our McAllen Lawyers Answer: Should Your Estate Plan Really Be a DIY Undertaking?

Today’s world is all about doing things on your own. A DIY project is a point of great pride and the perfect way to learn how to do just about anything. Though, we have to ask: Should you really rely on a Google search or a YouTube video to create your end-of-life documents – that... read more