Why Young Employees Need an Estate Plan in McAllen

Estate planning is not just for the elderly. For the most part, people of all backgrounds can create an estate plan in McAllen. Especially if you are just entering the workforce. Young professionals may not think they need an estate plan. They may also believe they don't have valuable possessions. Additionally, they may think they... read more

Protect Your Business with McAllen Estate Planning Lawyers

Starting your own business is a challenging task. You create an idea, build your company’s foundations, and continue nurturing it through thick and thin. It’s a lifetime of work that many Texas entrepreneurs would want to protect even after they’re gone. Our McAllen estate planning lawyers want to share three tips for you.  Discover how... read more

Our Attorneys Address Estate Planning for Blended Families

At Fryer and Hansen in McAllen, we recognize the unique dynamics and challenges in estate planning for blended families – relationships consisting of spouses with children from previous partnerships. These blended families must navigate different estate planning concerns including: Legal rights of stepchildren Fair distribution of assets Pre/post-nuptial agreements Let's explore the complexities blended families... read more

Tips from Our McAllen Estate Planning Attorneys

Our McAllen estate planning attorneys want to share strategies to help you and your loved ones navigate estate planning without triggering unnecessary conflicts. Creating an estate plan includes a few main primary processes: Collecting your documentation Assigning roles in your will and estate plan Signing your will and last testament with proper witnesses Depending on your... read more

3 Risks of Not Creating an Estate plan with our McAllen Attorneys

Many people consider estate planning a complex and time-consuming task of massive proportions. Yet it doesn't have to be, especially if you count on the guidance of our McAllen Attorneys. We want you to consider the alternative scenario in which you choose to forgo estate planning. The repercussions can leave a chaotic aftermath for your... read more

3 Essential Steps from Our Estate Planning Attorneys in McAllen

You've taken the important step of drafting a will, ensuring your assets are distributed according to your wishes. While in the final stretch, you still have a few more things to do to ensure your will is valid. You could unintentionally burden your loved ones without proper attention to these details, which most people overlook.... read more

Our McAllen Lawyers Share 4 Common Issues in the Estate Planning Process

No matter how careful we try to be, mishaps are a part of life. However, some errors have a way of affecting us and our families for more time than we bargained for. This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in the estate planning process, especially when people go at it alone. Learn more about some of the... read more

Our Estate Planning Attorneys in McAllen Talk Handling Debt

Will your spouse be responsible for your debt once you pass? Can your assets be used to settle your debt? Can your debt be passed on to your children? Debt is one of the most common conversations when creating an estate plan and for a good reason. According to a recent CNBC report, the average American... read more

6 Common Estate Planning FAQs from Our Lawyers in McAllen – Part 1

In a previous blog, we answered some of the most common estate planning FAQs people face when drafting with our estate planning lawyers in McAllen. Today, we want to cover even more information you may find valuable as you begin a process of your own. And remember, Fryer and Hansen in McAllen is available to... read more

6 Common Estate Planning FAQs from Our Lawyers in McAllen – Part 1

The estate planning process can be simple enough for some to complete. For most others, however, the process can be overwhelming, confusing, and full of questions. We want to share a few common estate planning FAQs, so you are in the know. At Fryer and Hansen in McAllen, we know how vital estate planning can... read more