State and Federal Appeals

In legal terms, an appeal is filed when an unsuccessful party (prosecution or defense) in case requests a review of a final decision made by their state’s highest court or the federal court of appeals. The appeal process can vary with the amount of time you are allowed to file an appeal depending on your individual case. With a vast variety of different cases settled each year in the United States, both state and federal appeals require documentation and evidence to be filed properly and timely.

There are different types of cases in civil, criminal and bankruptcy disputes, and said cases can often be very demanding for attorneys. It’s important for your legal counsel to be well informed on the proper steps of appealing a court case’s decision.

Doing Our Best for You

We understand that court proceedings can be overwhelming as they can last several months to several years. At Fryer & Hansen, PLLC, we know that time is a limited luxury in filing an appeal. We have experience in filing state and federal trial appeals for a number of satisfied clients.

We conduct intensive investigations where the fairness of your trial could have been compromised. We check on part of prosecutors, police officers or a judge to further evaluate any procedural issues that pertained to your verdict. We look into information relating to evidence, jury instruction, application of hearsay rules and points of law. Our attorneys are experienced in handling the following:

  • Civil juries
  • Non-jury trials
  • Appeals
  • Administrative appeals

Appeals Done Right

At Fryer & Hansen, PLLC, we can explore the options for your state or federal trial appeal process. We are ready to handle your case with all of the necessary documentation and legalities needed to secure a satisfactory outcome. To get started on your appeal, or for more information, contact our knowledgeable attorneys at 956.686.6606.