Answering Your Most Common Questions About Probate Law in McAllen – Part 2

In a previous blog, our probate attorneys in McAllen, TX, answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding probate law. We understand this topic is vast and includes multiple factors. Our experts want to provide more information on the subject to clarify the probate process for you. What is an Executor? No matter what step of the... read more

Answering Your Most Common Questions About Probate Law in McAllen – Part 1

The judicial system can appear to be a confusing process especially as you factor in laws, lawyers and judicial matters such as probate court. It’s the reason why so many people avoid dealing with important legal procedures, such as the probate process, distributing assets, and so on. Our probate attorneys in McAllen are here to... read more

Is Your Will Ready to Go? Follow These 2 Steps to Make Sure

So, you finally decided to start drafting your will. You chose the people who will receive your assets, made decisions on your properties, and even wrote clear instructions on your pet’s care. While it may seem as if you’re all done, there are additional steps you must take to ensure legal hurdles do not hinder... read more

What Our McAllen Lawyers Have to Say about Handling Debt in a Will

Drafting a will with our McAllen lawyers can be a critical step. However, some people may think that their possessions will go to their spouse as long as they are married. We want to remind you that this is not always the case. If you have incurred some debt, this debt can still affect living... read more

3 Ways to Avoid Living Trust Scams with Our Attorneys in McAllen

Adding a living trust to your estate planning documents can be a helpful tool for you and your loved ones. This document allows you to manage your possessions and assign a loved one to make decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. However, there is such a thing as living trust scammers. These individuals... read more

Update Your Estate Plan: Factors That Should be Changed Regularly – Part 2

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Update Your Estate Plan: Factors That Should be Changed Regularly – Part 1

If you haven't created an estate plan before, you may think it's done only once. This is inaccurate. Updating your estate plan throughout your life is necessary. If you neglect to update your estate plan, you can potentially affect your loved one's future financial stability. Our estate planning lawyers in McAllen want to share a... read more

2 Factors to Consider When Drafting a Will with Our Estate Planning Lawyers in McAllen

Drafting a will for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. There are many factors to consider, including choosing an executor and your beneficiaries. If you don’t draft a will correctly, a probate court cannot approve it, and your beneficiaries may not receive their inheritances. Fortunately, you don’t have to draft your will alone. Our... read more

If You’re a Business Owner in McAllen, Then an Estate Plan is a Must!

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3 Factors That Can be Affected Due to Lacking an Estate Plan in McAllen

When it comes to estate planning, there are misconceptions galore. They often confuse individuals, invite the spread of misinformation, and ultimately discourage people from completing or even starting a plan. Unfortunately, when you fail to create an estate plan in McAllen, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable.  Medical Care  Let’s say you suffer an injury or are... read more