Water Law: The “Rule of Capture” and Groundwater Conservation Districts

In 1904, a man filed a lawsuit against the Houston & Texas Central Railroad Company claiming that the well on the railroad company’s land had depleted the water from his personal well. The case was known as “Houston & Texas Central Railroad Company v. East”. The railroad company drilled a 20-foot-wide, 66-foot-deep well on its... read more

Water Law: An Overview of Nonprofit Water Supply Corporations

In 2010, the United Nations General Assembly recognized access to water and sanitation as a human right. Their resolution called upon states and organizations to help all countries – precisely those still in development – to provide the necessary resources to deliver safe, clean and accessible water for all. In Texas, groundwater (water found beneath... read more

Train Conductor Files Lawsuit in Harris County After Suffering Injury in Collision

In 2014, there were 882 accidents involving trains in Texas. Out of these, 63 ended in fatalities. It’s sometimes easy to forget how often dangerous factors present themselves on the road, but for larger vehicles like trains to become involved in wrecks, injuries and damages can prove to be far more severe. For one California... read more

An Overview on the Basics of Water Law

So you’ve finally bought a dream home out in the Texas country with plenty of room. There’s enough distance from the city so that noise, traffic and crowded areas are now distant memories. Owning a house outside of the city means making some adjustments, with the largest possibly being dealing with water. Do you know... read more

Lawsuit Filed After Oilfield Worker Suffers Injury on the Job Near Beaumont

One of the cornerstone industries of Texas is the oil and gas business. As volatile and dangerous as some jobs in this industry are, it continues to provide several thousands of Texans with well-paid work. In June of 2014, the Houston Chronicle reported that almost 300,000 Texans were on oil and gas industry payrolls. The... read more

Woman Killed After Fatal Collision on Queen Isabella Causeway

A car accident can be frightening to deal with, especially if another driver was at fault. When driving, we expect everyone on the road to use the utmost caution in order to avoid collisions. The fact of the matter is, accidents sometimes happen and are beyond anyone’s control. This was the unfortunate case for a... read more

Lawsuits Filed After Truck Damages Bridge, Resulting in a Death

The amount of trash and other forms of debris can be significant on the sides of roads or along freeways. Roadside debris can present hazards with the potential to cause severe accidents, which themselves can lead to critical injuries or even death in some cases. If a vehicle loses control on a highway littered with... read more

Trucking Accident in Beaumont Leads to Lawsuit

Sharing the road with big rigs and 18-wheelers is a daily part of life. Keeping an eye out for wide turns made by these vehicles can be worrisome if the vehicle’s driver doesn’t take proper precautions. Being careful is a responsibility that has to be shared by all on the road, but what happens when... read more

Drunk Driving Leads to Death of Woman in Donna

Here’s a chilling statistic from the Texas Department of Transportation: about every 20 minutes in Texas, someone is hurt or killed in a car crash involving alcohol. The numbers are staggering, but they paint a shocking portrait of just how serious such a careless act can be. In 2014, an Alamo woman was killed after... read more

Dealing with an Accident Where Alcohol was Involved

With the Fourth of July past us, it will be quite some time until the next holiday where we will see large amounts of alcohol consumption. Nevertheless, drunk driving is a problem that’s much too common on American roads. Oftentimes, tragedies will occur when an inebriated driver will take to the wheel, placing themselves and... read more