Drunk Driving Leads to Death of Woman in Donna

Here’s a chilling statistic from the Texas Department of Transportation: about every 20 minutes in Texas, someone is hurt or killed in a car crash involving alcohol. The numbers are staggering, but they paint a shocking portrait of just how serious such a careless act can be. In 2014, an Alamo woman was killed after... read more

Dealing with an Accident Where Alcohol was Involved

With the Fourth of July past us, it will be quite some time until the next holiday where we will see large amounts of alcohol consumption. Nevertheless, drunk driving is a problem that’s much too common on American roads. Oftentimes, tragedies will occur when an inebriated driver will take to the wheel, placing themselves and... read more

What You Should Know About Settling Your Lawsuit Out of Court

A speedy trial like those seen in primetime dramas is far from the reality of what actually happens within the legal process. Another thing many people aren’t aware of is how often cases are settled out of court. Although countless lawsuits are filed each day across the country, most will be settled without going to... read more

What is Personal Injury Law?

You see and hear commercials all of the time that call on people to seek legal help after an accident that has resulted in injury. But what if you aren’t sure what personal injury law is or what the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit is like? Not knowing how to proceed when you... read more