Prepare for the Negotiation Process with Our Eminent Domain Lawyers in McAllen

Have you received an eminent domain notice from a private company, state government office, or federal government entity? If so, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with what eminent domain is and how your rights can help you through the process. Learn what to expect during negotiations and seek the help of one of our lawyers... read more

3 Actions to Take While Negotiating Your Property Under an Eminent Domain Clause

Negotiations for eminent domain claims can take months or even years before an agreement is made. Our eminent domain lawyers in McAllen want to help with your case, so consider these three actions to help you. Learn the Lay of Your Land There are specific properties that the federal, state, or local government can seize... read more

A Few Simple Steps to Better Handle the Process of Condemnation Under Eminent Domain

Will you be prepared if your land happens to be seized for public use? The process of a party claiming property from a landowner is called condemnation. Despite having the power of eminent domain, condemners do have some restrictions. Here are three issues to consider when dealing with condemnation. Consider Property Value You should not... read more

Be Aware of Eminent Domain Projects in Your City with the Help of Our McAllen Lawyers

There’s no better time to be aware of your state and federal laws than now. Homeowners should be aware of the current application of eminent domain that their government officials are in charge of. What is Eminent Domain? Simply put, eminent domain describes the state or federal government’s ability to seize property from land- and... read more

3 Things You Should Know About When it Comes to Drafting a Will

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3 Things That Prospective Landowners Should Know About Eminent Domain

There’s nothing that makes one prouder than being able to say, “I’m finally a landowner!” After working so hard for years and finally making that life-changing purchase, it can feel like you’re on top of the world. There can be a lot of things to look into when it comes to purchasing land, however. One... read more

Project SH 68 and What it Means to Valley Residents

Property ownership is perhaps one of the biggest components of what we call the “American Dream”. You buy a little slice of paradise, wherever it may be, build a home or business, and enjoy if for as long as you want. However, the government can use eminent domain to take property from owners (with adequate... read more

Eminent Domain: What Does the State of Texas Say?

Project SH 68 is a highway-mainline project currently underway in Hidalgo County that’s sure to affect plenty of Valley residents. Eminent domain is a legal clause that will most likely come up during the project’s enforcement and is a topic that very few Texas citizens are familiar with, let alone know how it’s enforced within... read more

Project SH 68: What it is and How to Deal with Eminent Domain

One of the biggest misconceptions that many people have when it comes to their property involves the issue of ownership. Although most who purchase land remain an owner for life or until they sell it, there are other instances where the government (local, federal or state) or other party may find it useful for public... read more