5 Factors That Can Make Your First Ranch or Farm Purchase Easier

Owning a ranch or farm can be one of the most rewarding experiences for you and your family. The thought of rural living, fresh air and spending the nights gazing at clear skies that can’t be found in the city are extremely appealing. However, there are many pitfalls that many new prospective buyers aren’t aware... read more

Consider These 3 Important Factors Before Purchasing Your First Real Estate Property

Everyone at some point has dreams of becoming an entrepreneur or small business owner. If you’ve finally decided to take the big step of owning your own business, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of buying your first commercial property. Doing so can help you avoid the headaches involved in buying, leasing, choosing... read more

What You Can do to Negotiate a Favorable Lease for Your Business

Knowing how to pick a good commercial lease for your business is an important part of its growth, and negotiating one is an even more important aspect of becoming successful. Never forget that real estate lease agreements tend to favor landlords since they usually prepare them. At Fryer and Hansen, we’ll make sure to help... read more

Real Estate Closing Disputes and What You Can do to Avoid Them

When dealing with real estate, there will always be a chance of disagreements involving a contract due to a variety of reasons. This can lead to timely and costly litigation, which is why it’s extremely important to understand common issues and planning for them to avoid disputes. One of the biggest obstacles one may encounter... read more

4 Important Steps to Take to Ensure a Smooth Transaction When Buying a Home

The home-buying experience is oftentimes one of the most important journeys you’ll ever be a part of. Chances are, this will be the home where you’ll see your children grow up in. It’s an important process and setting yourself up with leveled expectations of what to expect can ensure a successful transaction. Let’s discuss a... read more

The Best Way to Finance Your First Home While Avoiding Disputes

You may have heard stories on the Internet or through friends about that one person investing in real estate who instantly became a millionaire. We all have. Yet, as with any investment, understanding the landscape is extremely important to avoid throwing your savings away. Everything from having good credit to being able to handle the... read more

Project SH 68: What it is and How to Deal with Eminent Domain

One of the biggest misconceptions that many people have when it comes to their property involves the issue of ownership. Although most who purchase land remain an owner for life or until they sell it, there are other instances where the government (local, federal or state) or other party may find it useful for public... read more

Project SH 68 and the Eminent Domain Law in the State of Texas

Eminent domain has been part of our nation’s fabric for decades. The power to take land for the use of government projects is allowed by the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It states that no person will be deprived of “life, liberty or property without due process of the law; nor shall private property... read more

What You Should be Doing to Protect Your Eminent Domain Case – Part 1

There are many details that a homeowner should be aware of when negotiating with the government or other entity on an eminent domain case. We know the details can seem overwhelming and daunting, but being well informed and having the right representation by your side can help you walk away from negotiations with the right... read more

What You Should Keep in Mind When Discussing an Eminent Domain Case with Our McAllen Lawyers

Dealing with an eminent domain notice can be tricky and overwhelming, especially in the way they’re presented and handled. As we’ve learned, eminent domain notices revolve around some type of property or home ownership such as real estate, intangible properties and personal properties. Our eminent domain attorneys can help navigate the murky waters of one... read more