Water Law: The Right to Use Surface Water in the State of Texas

The Texas Water Development Board surveys public water systems and industrial facilities every year to investigate how much they use, where it comes from and what it is used for. In 2014, 62% used groundwater and 38% used surface water. Nearly half of the surface water was used by local government entities; the other half... read more

Water Law: The “Rule of Capture” and Groundwater Conservation Districts

In 1904, a man filed a lawsuit against the Houston & Texas Central Railroad Company claiming that the well on the railroad company’s land had depleted the water from his personal well. The case was known as “Houston & Texas Central Railroad Company v. East”. The railroad company drilled a 20-foot-wide, 66-foot-deep well on its... read more

Water Law: An Overview of Nonprofit Water Supply Corporations

In 2010, the United Nations General Assembly recognized access to water and sanitation as a human right. Their resolution called upon states and organizations to help all countries – precisely those still in development – to provide the necessary resources to deliver safe, clean and accessible water for all. In Texas, groundwater (water found beneath... read more

An Overview on the Basics of Water Law

So you’ve finally bought a dream home out in the Texas country with plenty of room. There’s enough distance from the city so that noise, traffic and crowded areas are now distant memories. Owning a house outside of the city means making some adjustments, with the largest possibly being dealing with water. Do you know... read more