Prepare for the Unknown Future Today with Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts in McAllen

When it comes to making decisions that can affect your family after your passing, you’ll surely run into some difficulties. After all, you’re choosing how your assets will be divided to the people closest to you. It’s always best to have a team of trusted McAllen estate planning lawyers by your side to help. 

Power of Attorney

The power of attorney is given to the person you trust to manage your assets and make decisions on your behalf regarding business matters, private affairs, or legal situations. However, they can also decide on how you’re medically treated if you’re severely injured or ill. 


Think of a will as detailed instructions of how you wish for your belongings to be distributed after your passing. This document is highly important, namely because if you pass away without one, then it’ll be up to a court to intervene and split your assets. This can lead to arguing and in-fighting amongst your family and friends. 


A trust’s primary purpose is to protect and divide up assets, which is why it’s often used with a will. In many instances, trusts are used to keep probate courts from debating certain possessions or property. In other cases, a trust is used for specific types of possessions that aren’t income or savings, namely life insurance. 

Our McAllen Lawyers Can Help

If you’re ready to draft a will, then know that our estate planning lawyers in McAllen are here to help. Contact us today for more information about what we can do for you. 

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