A Closer Look: Exploring the Basics of Administrative and Utility Law

Law is a very large, detailed and, at times, complicated field. There are so many different practice areas that fall under law, and this is also oftentimes followed by even more subcategories that go into each. In this piece, we’ll be shedding some light on administrative and utility law, in particular.

What Are They?

A public utility is defined as a business that provides everyday necessary services. Public utilities include water, electricity, natural gas, telephone services and other essentials. These businesses are regulated on federal and state levels.

Administrative law is a little broader; it tends to govern regulatory agencies, commissions and boards. For the most part, the interaction between the general public and administrative law is kept at a minimum unless a public benefit is taken away from them.

Cases for Utility Law

A commodity that can become a dangerous hazard is electricity. Due to the many dangers it poses, there are laws and regulations that protect the general public against these types of hazards. One example of how electricity can become a hazard includes faulty wiring or power lines too close to tall trees or buildings.

Another circumstance may include buried electrical cables that can send an individual into electrical shock. Something else to look out for is insufficient fencing or warning signs around a transformer station. That in itself is a prime example of how utility law can be applied to your case.

Cases for Administrative Law

Administrative law deals with the decision-making capabilities that an administrative agency offers, and it also works in carrying out laws passed by both federal and state legislatures. A good example of administrative law would be the operation and regulation of the Social Security Administration along with the benefits it offers people.

Another example can be a family’s food stamp benefits being terminated due to a “program violation”. Other situations, such as licensing agencies, equal opportunities, labor and unemployment commissions, and zoning and workers’ compensation boards all fall under the administrative law umbrella.

Let Us Handle Your Case

Cases of this nature have the capacity to be very extensive and exhausting, and they are best handled by an experienced attorney. At Fryer & Hansen, PLLC, we are very well-versed in administrative and utility law, and we know how to navigate through these types of situations. If you ever happen to find yourself in a situation where you need legal aid, we are more than qualified to assist you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our utility and administrative lawyers in McAllen today.

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