Lawsuits Filed After Truck Damages Bridge, Resulting in a Death

The amount of trash and other forms of debris can be significant on the sides of roads or along freeways. Roadside debris can present hazards with the potential to cause severe accidents, which themselves can lead to critical injuries or even death in some cases. If a vehicle loses control on a highway littered with trash, the result could lead to multiple vehicles colliding with each other. Waste-collecting trucks are used to clear out messes so as to create safe roads. However, an accident involving any type of vehicle is possible, and in early July in Austin, this was the unfortunate case.

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An Unfortunate Accident

It was reported in early July that a waste truck from an Austin-based disposal company collided with a highway overpass, causing severe damage to the bridge, resulting in a major accident. According to investigators, the truck was traveling southbound on State Highway 36 in Sealy, Texas when it struck the overpass from U.S. Highway 90. The driver left the boom arm, which is used to lift trash bins, raised as he was driving down the road.

A vehicle carrying a mother and her children was driving northbound when portions of the bridge collapsed on top of their vehicle. One of the children was killed while the others suffered serious injuries. The mother and father of the victim filed lawsuits in late July against the driver and the company that employed him. Both lawsuits are seeking damages for wrongful death, negligence and gross negligence. The mother’s lawsuit is seeking over $1 million in damages while the father’s suit is seeking up to $50 million in damages.

Get the Legal Help You Need

Losing a loved one in such a tragic way is not only disheartening, it can also take a toll on finances such as hospital and funerary bills. Fryer and Hansen is all too aware of just how emotionally and financially crippling a car accident can be, especially when negligence plays a role. If you were involved in a car or truck accident, or lost a loved one in a similar manner, get in touch with our personal injury lawyers in McAllen today to get your case started.

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