Lawsuits Filed After Truck Damages Bridge, Resulting in a Death

The amount of trash and other forms of debris can be significant on the sides of roads or along freeways. Roadside debris can present hazards with the potential to cause severe accidents, which themselves can lead to critical injuries or even death in some cases. If a vehicle loses control on a highway littered with... read more

Trucking Accident in Beaumont Leads to Lawsuit

Sharing the road with big rigs and 18-wheelers is a daily part of life. Keeping an eye out for wide turns made by these vehicles can be worrisome if the vehicle’s driver doesn’t take proper precautions. Being careful is a responsibility that has to be shared by all on the road, but what happens when... read more

Dealing with an Accident Where Alcohol was Involved

With the Fourth of July past us, it will be quite some time until the next holiday where we will see large amounts of alcohol consumption. Nevertheless, drunk driving is a problem that’s much too common on American roads. Oftentimes, tragedies will occur when an inebriated driver will take to the wheel, placing themselves and... read more