Some Important Things That All Business Owners Should Know When Dealing with Commercial Litigation

Although owning and operating a business is something that’s highly sought after, there are many issues that can arise once it’s running. Breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation, tax disputes, shareholder issues and partnership/joint venture disputes are just a few of the most prevalent conflicts that can happen. As a small business owner, it’s a given that you’ll deal with some sort of legal hurdle during your entrepreneurship. For this reason, we’ve provided a few things to keep in mind about commercial litigation should you ever have to deal with a legal dispute.

A Deeper Look

The law is made up of different subfields. From construction law and eminent domain to state and federal appeals, we specialize in several areas. In this particular case, we’ll be delving deeper into one of our practice areas – commercial litigation. This field typically involves a lawsuit resulting from a dispute between businesses and sometimes even government agencies. Like in civil litigation, both sides of a commercial litigation case are typically looking to defend or enforce a legal right. The plaintiff will usually be seeking monetary compensation for any sort of wrongdoing that was allegedly committed by the defendant.

Litigation vs. Arbitration

At a glance, someone completely unfamiliar with legal technicalities may not know the differences between litigation and arbitration. Arbitration is typically settled in a private, informal setting between two parties and an arbitrator of their choosing. Litigation is usually handled in a federal courtroom by a court-appointed judge and can involve class action or multi-district litigation due to specialized and more complex issues.

Leave this Process to Us

Whether you’re in the middle of a business deal gone awry or are facing the threat of a lawsuit, having an experienced and knowledgeable commercial litigation attorney at your side can help with your case. The process is extensive and can become a hassle if not handled with care. It consists of retaining an attorney, conducting thorough investigations, researching laws applicable to the situation, submitting demand letters, participating in settlement negotiations, etc. As if facing a potential lawsuit isn’t enough, not having an attorney experienced in commercial litigation can make your case more difficult to deal with. It’s essential to leave matters like these in the hands of those who are seasoned in the process. A successful commercial litigator must be able to evaluate all merits of a dispute. Taking an efficient, creative approach and utilizing sound judgement are vital in positioning such disputes.

We Are Here to Help

Fryer & Hansen, PLLC in McAllen will do its best to help you with your commercial litigation issue if we feel your case has merit. We will make it our mission to analyze every angle of your case and help you reach a settlement you agree with. You can visit our commercial litigation lawyers in McAllen today for a free consultation or call us at 956.686.6606 for more details.

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