A Brief Introduction to Construction Law

When the construction of a new building is scheduled but before any ground is broken, there are groups of people that come together to help make it all happen. For example, project owners, general contractors, architects, engineers and others. If any issues or mishaps arise throughout the construction process, the individual people or agencies affected can utilize construction law – and everything that falls within – to defend their rights.

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What is Construction Law?

Construction law deals with any legal issues that may arise with the construction of a building. These issues may fall under federal, state and city, and county law. For example, federal construction law may cover workplace safety regulations and hiring practices. State construction law can enforce safety, employment and environmental rules. And city and county laws may deem certain zones as construction-friendly and limit the amount of construction noise that can be made on sites.

Construction law applies to the initial stages of a project like bidding, the negotiation and formation of agreements, and contracts. It is to be observed by any parties involved in the process. Government law is an area of construction law that covers the federal, state and local laws mentioned above. Workers’ compensation law is another area of construction law that protects a person that may have become injured while on-site.

People to Know

There are various people that play an important role when a new building or structure will be built. Here are some job titles and descriptions critical to a construction project:

  • Project Owner – A person or entity that wants to carry out construction
  • Contractor – Is in charge of implementing the construction for the owner
  • Construction Manager – Schedules and coordinates the design and other construction activities of the project for the owner
  • Real Estate Broker/Agent – Helps find construction properties suitable for the owner. The broker/agent looks at property prices and will most likely be familiar with zoning and tax laws.
  • Surveyor – Provides the construction property’s dimensions and boundary lines. They get to know the area above, below and surrounding the construction site.
  • Architect – Provides the framework for the construction. They coordinate the design process and may even supervise and direct other design professionals.
  • Civil and Site Engineer – Engineers working closely with architects prepare site plans and zoning plans. They will also look at other aspects like storm water management, drainage piping, roadway design, landscape design, parking lot design, etc.
  • Construction Laborers, Helpers and Others – Help clean and prepare the construction site for building. They also operate construction equipment and machinery, and assist craftworkers like electricians and carpenters. Other craftworkers involved may be brickmasons, painters, plumbers and roofers.

Areas Covered by Fryer & Hansen

Attorneys Richard W. Fryer and Brian J. Hansen understand that a multitude of issues can arise in a construction project. They are qualified and willing to investigate any problem to find a solution. Some areas of construction law they can assist with include construction agreements, breach of contracts, payment claims, injury claims or wrongful death cases. Not only can they represent buyers and sellers, they can also work cases for general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, developers, builders, engineers, architects, surveyors and others.

“We can help with mechanic’s liens for contractors and subcontractors for when they are not paid timely, or at all,” Hansen said. “We can help with breach of contract claims for owners when construction is faulty or incomplete, and breach of contract when contractors and subcontractors are not paid what they are owed.”

Our McAllen Construction Lawyers Can Help

Fryer & Hansen, PLLC can assist you with any construction litigation issues you may be facing. They are prepared to investigate problems and settle disputes in any area of construction. Contact us at 956.686.6606 or visit our office for a free consultation.

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