What to Know About Construction Law and Finding the Perfect Legal Representation

We’ve gone over the basics of construction law in the past, but now is the time to delve deeper into the subject, mainly a few terms that are used in the field and how you should go about finding the perfect legal guidance for your case. How does construction law work? Will any attorney who practices it be able to successfully and competently handle your case? We understand that dealing with any sort of legal predicament can be tough, but we’ll do our best to explain the intricacies of this very important field.

If you’re dealing with a construction-related legal issue or something else that we practice, then our attorneys in McAllen want to hear from you.

What is it?

Simply put, construction law involves any type of legal issue or complaint relating to the construction field. These types of complaints can fall under state, federal and local jurisdiction. Certain factors that fall under federal laws, like workplace safety rules, can result in requirements made that affect construction workplaces and even hiring procedures. State rules can add additional regulations that range from environmental guidelines to even stricter safety protocols. Local rules can involve ordinances that involve construction site noise regulations and zoning. If your legal issue falls under one of these grounds, then we can help you.

Construction Law Terms to Know

As with any legal field, there are some important terms to know, and doing so can you help you determine if your case will fall under construction law. Here are just a few:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – This is the federal agency responsible for workplace safety and health-related issues. Any violation of either of these is investigated by OSHA.
  • Defects – These can vary, but usually involve flaws found within construction projects after their completion that in some way pose potential harm.
  • Contractors – These are people that are contracted to oversee the construction or repair of buildings.
  • Mechanic’s and Materialmen’s Liens – These are placed on the property of someone who has recently had construction work done but has yet to pay for the labor.

Of course, many more terms fall under construction law, but these are the most common. We can help you understand their relevance to the field much more thoroughly.

Competent Legal Advice

First and foremost, when attempting to find an attorney for your construction law issue, it’s important to look out for experience and a track record of successful results. These results should focus on the attorney’s ability to secure the monetary compensation needed for a construction worker, civilian or resident of a building to fully recover from whatever happened to him/her. Construction accidents can be very serious, even deadly in more serious cases. Medical expenses can be incredibly expensive, to the point of taking years to repay. It isn’t fair for you to have to sift through your own finances if you were the victim in a construction-related accident. Do the right thing and find an attorney who will stand by you throughout your legal journey.

Let’s Get Started

If you believe that your case falls under construction law, then we want to meet with you immediately. Our construction law attorneys in McAllen are ready to hear what you have to say. Contact us today to learn your options.

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