Why You Should Consider Having Legal Representatives Present for Your Child’s IEP Meeting

If you’re the parent of a child with a disability, your involvement in any decisions regarding his or her special education and anything else relating to it is extremely important for their academic success and development. Fortunately, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act grants you, as a parent, to be involved in your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) activities.

These activities typically involve a team of individuals meeting at least once a year where important recommendations and decisions are finalized concerning the services offered to your child to make his/her education a more worthwhile and beneficial experience. In this piece, we’ll be going over how your child can benefit from having a skilled legal team present at their IEP meeting.

A child’s education is one of the most important factors in their upbringing. If your child has a disability and you require legal help with his or her IEP issues, then contact our lawyers in McAllen today!

Before the Meeting

Your child’s school district is required by law to notify you in advance of an IEP meeting. You should be informed of the reason for the meeting and when and where it will take place. Keep in mind that a date and location will be agreed upon by both parties. As a parent, you also have the right to request one of these meetings if you feel a topic of concern regarding your child’s education needs to be addressed and settled. Many parents of disabled children are unaware of what to expect at these meetings and that they have the right for legal counsel to accompany them as well.

Meeting with and discussing your child’s issues with our IEP attorneys can be an extremely beneficial option. We can help you prepare for the meeting, inform you of what to expect and can even lead discussions on your behalf. Before a meeting, we’ll more than likely request that you meet with us first to discuss your thoughts, concerns and what the ultimate goal for your child’s well-being should be. On top of that, we can help bring to light certain services that your child is entitled to by law but may not be receiving.

During the Meeting

If you’ve made the wise decision of having a member of our legal team accompany you to your child’s IEP meeting, then you can rest assured that things will go smoothly and in your child’s favor. Having one of our attorneys present can help in having your views brought to the forefront. After all, you’re the parent, so you know your child better than anyone else.

Our attorneys know the laws regarding IEP and can help steer the discussion so that your child’s well-being is never compromised or ignored. During the meeting, we will do our best to reach an outcome that’s both beneficial for your child and gives you peace of mind in knowing that he/she will be taken care of during their education.

If, on the other hand, an agreement for your child’s care cannot be reached, our attorneys will do the best they can to represent you during mediation or other legal-related situations to resolve whatever issue is causing both sides to reach a stalemate.

Your Child’s Well-Being is Our Main Concern

We understand how precious your child’s education is, especially if they’re dealing with a disability. Our attorneys want nothing more than for you to be content with the direction your son or daughter is going in their academic period. If you plan on attending an IEP meeting in the future and require a legal team that knows the field in and out, then contact us today in McAllen to talk with us.

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