A Few Simple Steps to Better Handle the Process of Condemnation Under Eminent Domain

Will you be prepared if your land happens to be seized for public use? The process of a party claiming property from a landowner is called condemnation. Despite having the power of eminent domain, condemners do have some restrictions. Here are three issues to consider when dealing with condemnation.

Consider Property Value

  • You should not only consider how much you can be paid for land but also consider the full value.
  • If a company or state government wants to use your property for a construction project, you can apply for an easement, which allows the company or government to use only a portion of your land instead of all of it.


Consider the Procedure

  • Don’t be misguided about how condemnation occurs. It starts with the condemnor reaching out to you and offering a proposal to claim your land.
  • You should research the credentials of the condemnor to learn who you are dealing with.
  • It is important that you receive a proposal from the condemnor before they survey it.

Negotiate an Easement

  • If you are willing to give up a portion of your property, you can negotiate details like the exact amount that will be seized or if any features (like fences) will be removed.
  • These details must be negotiated before signing an easement. An easement is only approved if both parties reach an agreement in writing.

Need Assistance with Your Eminent Domain Case?

Ensure that your family’s rights are upheld by contacting us if you’re currently dealing with an eminent domain case. We know how to handle the condemnation process and look forward to hearing from you!

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