2 Guardianship Roles That You Should Know About with the Help of Our McAllen Lawyers – Part 1

In our previous blog, we briefly mentioned a few of the guardianship roles available in the State of Texas for estate planning. These roles are appointed by a court to someone who will care for a “ward,” or a person who is incapacitated and/or needs help caring for themselves. Read on below to learn about each guardian role that you can request through your estate plan.

Guardian of the Person

A “guardian of the person” allows a person to make personal decisions for a ward who cannot care for themselves. It doesn’t matter if this guardian is appointed by a judge or through an estate plan. It is important, however, to know that a guardian can have full responsibility for a ward or be given limitations.

The differences between a “limited guardian” and a “full guardian” include:

  • A “limited guardian” can only make personal decisions for a person based on what a court specifies. For example, this person can make medical decisions but is not allowed to take away a ward’s driver’s license.
  • A “full guardian” can make all personal decisions for a ward, such as deciding where the ward will live, where he/she travels, and how their daily needs will be met.

Guardian of the Estate

A “guardian of the estate” is allowed the power to make financial decisions on a ward’s behalf. This role can be limited if a court decides so. With court approval, a guardian of the estate can decide:

  • How to manage a ward’s living expenses.
  • If a ward’s property needs to be sold.
  • If the ward’s finances will be used for investments.

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