2 Reasons to Protect Your Property by Drafting a Will with Our Lawyers in McAllen

Putting together and drafting a will can be a technical process depending on the size of your estate. Some people would rather avoid writing a will at all for this reason, but this option comes with several risks that can leave your loved ones having to deal with a court settling your estate.

Without a will, a probate court will name you as “intestate,” meaning your property will be distributed to your family by said court regardless of your wishes. Avoid this with the help of our McAllen lawyers by reading on below.

Secure Your Estate Plan

By avoiding the time and work needed to properly put a will together, either a probate court or even family members in some cases will be allowed to distribute your belongings after you pass.state planning lawyers in McAllen can help determine how large your estate is and draft a will that takes the following into consideration:

  • Powers of attorney
  • Directives
  • Naming an executive administrator

Protect Your Heirs in Probate

If a person was married at the time of their death, settling their estate will bring up new and unique problems. This includes:

  • Classifying community property as anything acquired by both spouses during the marriage, such as income or debt.
  • Determining if there is separate property, which can be any asset owned by a spouse before marriage, such as an inheritance.

Set Up a Free Consultation

Everyone should have a will tailored to their needs. Contact our estate planning lawyers in McAllen to set up a consultation, discuss what your options are, and how you should move forward in your will-drafting process.

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