3 of the Most Common Mistakes People Make When Preparing a Will

A will is a document with tremendous power that can shape the lives of those that mean the most to you after you’ve passed. It’s for this very reason why it’s so important to execute your will with the utmost level of care. Failing to do so can potentially result in stress and suffering for the people you want to provide for.

Our McAllen estate planning lawyers are aware of some very common and pricey mistakes that can often be made when preparing a will and want to help you avoid them.

A Poorly Written Will

One mistake many people make when drafting a will on their own is writing it in a poor manner. An incorrectly written will, or a will that hasn’t been notarized with a valid signature, can be invalidated or contested in court. It’s important to comb through every little detail to make sure such things as names, addresses, dates, and asset descriptions have been clearly written.

Not Specifying Guardianship

If something were to happen to you (and if your spouse has already passed) and your child was left orphaned, it’ll be up to your state’s court to assign a guardian. As you can imagine, the court’s decision may not be in line with your wishes. This is why it’s so important to specify a guardian for your children in your will.

Ambiguous Executors

An executor follows through with implementing your will and abides with your wishes after your death. Failing to name an executor or listing one in an ambiguous manner can result in a judge executing your decisions. Don’t make this mistake, so make sure your executors are clearly identified.

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