3 Questions You Might Have When Dealing with Estate Planning

When it comes to estate planning, many will inevitably run into some questions that require the knowledge of an estate planning attorney. At Fryer and Hansen, we want to keep you well-informed. We’ve been asked what wills are, if people can draft joint wills with spouses, and what can happen if someone passes without a will. While these questions are common, we’ve also answered the following.

Can Anyone be My Executor?

An executor is the person you’ve called upon to uphold your wishes as stated in your will. Your spouse, adult child, trusted friend, or other relative can fill that role. However, if your family life is complicated, or if you don’t have any family or friends to call upon, then you may want to consider naming an attorney as your executor.

How Can a Will be Contested?

In some situations, beneficiaries can contest a will as a way to challenge its validity. This is often done when the person feels they were snubbed by the will’s terms. If a will is contested, it can be done for several reasons, including:

  • The will was improperly, or not, witnessed.
  • The testator was incapacitated when the will was signed.
  • The will is fraudulent.

In these cases, it will be up to a probate judge to settle the dispute.

Where Should I Keep My Will?

As you can imagine, your will is a document that holds incredible importance to your family’s future. It’s the reason why its safety is paramount. You may choose to keep your will in a safety deposit box, but keep in mind that your family may need the court’s help to access it after you pass. A fire and waterproof safe in your home can be a great alternative. However, you should consider giving signed copies to your attorney or a trusted individual for good measure.

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