3 Reasons Why You Should Never Draft a Will on Your Own

If you’re putting together a will on your own, then you may be thinking that there’s little to no chance of leaving anything out or making mistakes, right? After all, who knows your finances, family, and expectations better than you? The truth of the matter is that drafting a will is a very involved process filled with intricacies and details specific to your state’s laws.

With a do-it-yourself approach, you might end up making a few mistakes that could invalidate the will and make it useless. With our McAllen estate planning lawyers helping you, your will can be solid and legally-binding. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t draft a will on your own. 

Getting the Details Wrong

When it comes to wills, details matter. However, it can be very easy to confuse, misrepresent, or completely forget anything, from gifts to bequests. If you want to avoid any potential issues between family members after you pass, then keep an eye out on these important details:

  • Locations
  • Descriptions
  • Beneficiaries
  • Full names

Improper Execution

Your will must be executed in accordance with Texas law to confirm its validation. Remember, requirements for wills may vary depending on numerous factors, so it’s important to recognize all of them in order to avoid any issues. Even better, have our lawyers take a look at your will to spot any inconsistencies or mistakes.

Failing to Consider Finances

Your debts, bills, taxes, and other financial factors are highly important when it comes to your will. Failing to evaluate and consider them in the drafting process could potentially mean beneficiaries dealing with paperwork, legal hurdles, etc. 

We Can Handle It

Your will is important to you and everyone you care about. Let us handle it with the utmost respect and consideration. At Fryer and Hansen, we take pride in delivering comprehensive and effective probate services to all clients. Contact our lawyers in McAllen for more information today.

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