Follow this 3 Step Checklist From our Estate Planning Lawyers in McAllen

So, you’re ready to draft a will and so far, the process has been seamless. You’ve chosen the family members you want to distribute your assets to and signed the papers. That should be it, right? Unfortunately, the estate planning process does not end when you draft the will. In fact, there are some very important steps that are crucial in validating your will! Our estate planning lawyers in McAllen want to share these with you. 

Does Your Will Meet Important Criteria?

A probate court determines the validity of your will by the way in which it’s written. As the probate process begins, your will must meet one of three different criteria:

  • The document must be typewritten if it’s an attested will.
  • The document must be written by the deceased only if creating a holographic will
  • If the will is oral, it must only have been drafted if the person is unable to do so in any other way

Don’t Spare the Details

No matter what type of will you choose to draft, it must be created in a clear and detailed manner. Failing to do so may prevent your loved ones from qualifying for any inheritances.  For instance, when evaluating your assets, make sure you don’t forget items such as jewelry or vehicles. Likewise, if any creditors require payment, make sure your will provides a detailed set of instructions.

Do You Want to Include Additional Documents?

Some roles and documents you can include to make your will as detailed as possible include

  • Trusts
  • DNR documents
  • Medical Powers of Attorney

Get a Professional Opinion from Our Estate Planning Lawyers in McAllen

The last thing you want is for your seemingly perfect will to be invalidated by something you overlooked. Fortunately, you can avoid these issues with Fryer and Hansen in McAllen. Our probate lawyers are here to ensure your probate process is as efficient as possible for you and your loved ones. Contact us in McAllen today and avoid running into these road blocks. 

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