3 Things Most Often Left Out of Wills That You Should Never Overlook

When drafting a will, you should take into consideration a lifetime of your work. We know that it sounds like an overwhelming task, but it should be done, nonetheless. So much can go into drafting one that it can be easy to forget some very important factors or decisions. The last thing you’ll want is to leave any loose ends once you’ve parted. At Fryer and Hansen, our McAllen estate planning lawyers want to help by highlighting a few things that are often forgotten in wills.

Funeral Arrangements

Strangely enough, one of the most commonly forgotten aspects when drafting a will is the thing used to honor one’s passing. Much like the decisions you take regarding your end-of-life care, funerals must be arranged carefully and timely. Apart from ensuring that your wishes are followed, pre-arranged funerals can certainly eliminate some of your family’s stress.

Blended Families

Things can get especially tricky in your will when you begin dealing with bigger, blended families. With so many members, there’s a very reasonable chance you may accidentally forget one of them. It’s the reason why it’s so important to work with our attorneys in McAllen to mitigate the chance of family issues later on.

Your Pets

You’ll often hear people refer to their pets as family members, and rightfully so! Well, as part of your family, you have to take your pets into consideration in your will. Sure, you can leave money for their food, treats, and vet services, but it’s especially important to name a new owner for them, along with detailed information regarding their care.

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