Clearing Up Some Common Misconceptions About Estate Planning

A majority of people have a vague idea about what a will is. If asked, they might describe a will as a document drafted by an elderly person to dictate where his/her wealth will go. While this would be a fairly accurate assessment, it could potentially shroud some of the more important aspects of wills. At Fryer and Hansen, our estate planning lawyers want to help you understand the process of drafting a will, but first, we’ll have to clear up some of the more common misconceptions surrounding the topic.

Misconception 1: It’s Very, Very Hard to Do

When it comes to almost any branch of law, most people will likely pass off the inner workings as too difficult to understand. The truth is, yes, estate planning can be tough if tackled on your own. Its inner workings and intricacies can easily confuse anyone not familiar with the topic. However, this is where our estate planning lawyers in McAllen come into play. They can help you navigate the process in a seamless manner and with your needs in mind.

Misconception 2: It’s Only for the Elderly

Wills aren’t exclusive only to the elderly. Anyone can draft one. A living will can also look out for you if you suffer an injury or illness that leaves you disabled and in need of constant medical care. The best thing to consider when it comes to your will is that it can look after your loved ones after you’ve passed, whenever that may be.

Misconception 3: My Belongings Can Only Go to My Family

You might think that, without a will, only your loved ones can get everything you own, but this isn’t necessarily true. With a will, you can stipulate for friends to inherit certain of your belongings if you like. Also know that, without a will, the State of Texas will determine how your estate will be divided. This could potentially cause irreparable rifts within your family. Avoid all of the drama and draft a will today with our help!

McAllen Estate Planning Lawyers at Your Service!

If you’re ready to draft a will, then know that Fryer and Hansen is here to help. Our McAllen estate planning lawyers can guide you through the process in a manner that prioritizes your needs. Contact us today for more information.

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