Charitable Giving: Our Estate Planning Lawyer McAllen Chimes In

Our estate planning lawyer McAllen recognizes how significant charitable giving can be and the power it wields as support for organizations and initiatives that align with your core values and beliefs. If you’re considering this in your estate planning process, our McAllen estate planning lawyers have some insight you will want to take advantage of.

Your estate plan allows you to ensure your family’s future – to leave a lasting legacy for the ones you love. But what if you have even bigger plans for your legacy? Your estate plan make a meaningful impact on causes that matter to you.

Estate Planning Lawyer McAllen

What Are Your Goals?

At this point, you’re likely familiar with the causes or organizations that resonate with you. If you’re not, it’s essential to identify the goals you have in mind. You may want to donate to educational causes. Or your philanthropic priorities lie in social justice. Whatever the case, we recommend clearly defining the causes you’d like to focus on before your estate planning process begins.  

How Do You Plan to Give?

Charitability is something to take pride in, but the actual act of giving when it comes to your estate plan may need to be clearer cut than you think. So, how can you incorporate charitable giving into your estate plan? Some of the most flexible and beneficial options include:

  • Setting up a charitable trust
  • Establishing donor-based funds
  • Making inheritances in your will or trust
  • Designating charitable beneficiaries on retirement accounts or life insurance policies

How Do You Want Your Charitability to Be Remembered?

Legacy is important to many, so how do you want to incorporate your help into your overall legacy plan? That is to say, how do you want to be remembered? 

  • In many instances, charitable giving can take the shape of a scholarship that highlights the passion for educational growth. 
  • Other donors choose to fund community projects that bring people closer together. 
  • Incorporate charitable giving into your overall legacy plan by considering how you want to be remembered. 

Your estate plan can reflect your values and leave a lasting legacy of generosity.

Our Estate Planning Lawyer McAllen Is Ready to Help

As you consider every pathway toward charitable giving, you may conclude that your estate planning journey should be taken with others. Our estate planning lawyer McAllen can provide comprehensive support as you develop a charitable giving strategy that will leave a lasting impact for years. Contact us today to learn more about how Fryer and Hansen can help.

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