3 Not-So-Common Facts from our Estate Planning Lawyers in McAllen

The process of estate planning can be overwhelming. After all, you’re expected to deal with decisions that can affect your loved ones for years while figuring out beneficiaries and affidavits – terms that are already difficult to understand. If you’re on the verge of beginning your estate planning process, our estate planning lawyers in McAllen want to shed some light on three things you may not have previously considered. 

The Benefits of a Living Will

Most people believe wills are only helpful after someone has passed away. However, the benefits of a choice can take effect even before that. For instance, if the person who drafts the will becomes ill or injured, a living will help if they cannot care for themselves by providing detailed instructions. 

Revisions Are Essential

It’s important to remember your will can be revised after completion. You can make revisions as often as you’d like. Whether your marital status changes, you make new additions to your family or large purchases that add value to your asset pool. You must make a note of it in your will.

Get Assistance

No law requires you to draft a will with the help of a professional. However, this doesn’t mean going to it alone is the best option. After all, writing a choice means considering large amounts of information, processes, legal terms, and other things you may not be entirely familiar with. One of the best things we can suggest is getting the help of someone who can provide expertise, guidance, and professionalism. 

Fryer and Hansen Estate Planning Lawyers in McAllen Can Help

Whether you’re writing your first will or looking to amend your existing one, the estate planning lawyers at Fryer and Hansen can help. We’re ready to help make the process as fast and straightforward as possible. Contact us online for more information about our services.

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