McAllen Estate Planning Lawyers: What Happens If I Die Without a Will?

We genuinely understand—nobody likes to have a conversation about death. It’s a cryptic topic, especially if you’re young, healthy, and just beginning to build your life together. The last thing you’d want to do is make an estate plan. However, think about what would happen if you weren’t around anymore.

What would happen to your loved ones? Without a will, you don’t get that say in deciding how your precious mementos are given to those closest to you. There are additional consequences to not having a will and estate plan prepared. Our estate planning attorneys in McAllen want to share the valuable information you need to make these decisions simple.

Our Probate Attorneys Cover Intestate Estate

Intestate is the word used to describe someone who passed away without drafting a will. Without a will, a person’s estate is determined by the law. In these cases, a judge appoints an administrator to carry out the legal process of distributing a person’s estate among the rightful heirs according to the court.

Our probate attorneys in McAllen can help you draft a will and act as your legal representation.

Our McAllen Law Firm Can Help

Imagine your loved ones learning that they will not receive the possessions they were expecting from your estate. Without a will, the risk of not meeting family expectations and causing friction between parties is high.

Our probate attorneys in McAllen can guide you on:

Draft Your Estate Plan With our McAllen Law Firm

At Fryer and Hansen in McAllen, we know the estate planning process can be daunting and confusing, but we’re here to do the heavy lifting. Our estate planning lawyers are ready to listen to your story and formulate the plan that best fits your needs. Contact us in McAllen today for more information.

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