McAllen Residents Under 30: Avoid These 3 Misconceptions About Estate Planning

As information spreads about the importance of estate plans, more and more young people have begun the process of drafting wills. However, with the spread of information often comes an equal spread of misinformation. At Fryer and Hansen, we know McAllen natives under 30 deserve correct information, which is why we’re debunking three common misconceptions about estate planning.

“You Don’t Need it if You’re Single”

If you’re single with no family, you might be wondering what the point of a will is. With the help of a McAllen estate planning lawyer, you can update the terms of your will as your life changes. This means that if you decide to marry and have children, you can change your terms to reflect your situation.

“You Don’t Need it if You’re Broke”

We’ve all seen Hollywood movies where a rich, older gentleman leaves his entire fortune to a questionable character. But real life says you don’t have to be a millionaire to plan your estate. As it happens, all possessions that have value can be listed in a will. This includes vehicles, electronics, digital assets, and even guns.

“You Don’t Need a Lawyer to Help You”

Estate planning is a process that needs oversight by someone knowledgeable in the topic. Therefore, we suggest you at least run all your documents by a qualified estate planning attorney like us!

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