Post-Divorce: Making Changes to Your Estate Plan With Our Lawyers in McAllen Texas

Divorces are perhaps one of the most challenging situations individuals can go through. They’re expensive, emotionally draining, and can often turn ugly. Understandably, when people begin their divorce proceedings, they have little time to focus on anything else. However, their estate plan should be a high priority. The estate planning attorneys at Fryer and Hansen are here to answer the most asked questions. 

Speak to Fryer Law Firm About Your Estate Planning McAllen Needs 

You may think you have more important things to focus on during your divorce, but your estate plan should be one of them. Yes, your ex-spouse can be separated from many of your estate plan’s benefits after your divorce. With that said, specific designations are still in place until you take the necessary steps to change them. This can include life insurance stipulations:

  • Texas regulations allow former spouses to receive benefits from life insurance policies after their ex-spouse has died. 
  • You can prevent this by removing your ex-spouse from your life insurance policy. 
  • You also need to let your McAllen divorce attorneys know if you have a healthcare proxy that needs to be changed. 

Prioritize with Your Attorneys in McAllen TX

Not every divorce ends in spite or ill feelings. Many former spouses continue to care deeply for each other despite their separation. This sentiment can also include any former stepchildren. However, if, after your divorce, you decide it’s best not to leave your former spouse or stepchildren any of the assets you had initially designated to them, you have to take the necessary steps to do so. This means reviewing and amending your estate plan. 

Simplify Your Divorce with Our Lawyers in McAllen Texas

Divorces are complicated, so why put your mind through additional stress when beginning your estate plan amendment process? Let Fryer and Hansen of McAllen handle everything for you. We will help you evaluate your priorities and execute the changes you want precisely how you want them. Contact us in McAllen today for more information.  

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