Two Things That Can Happen if You Don’t Prepare a Will

As life would have it, death often comes when we least expect it. This is especially true when healthy, young, and active people suddenly pass away. Of course, after a person passes, there’s a great deal of emotional uncertainty surrounding his or her family. This can be further stressed if the individual never prepared a will.

At Fryer and Hansen, our McAllen lawyers try their best to inform you about the process of will-writing, which falls under estate planning, and its importance. However, we think it’s just as important for you to understand what happens if you pass without drafting a will.

Becoming Intestate

If you were to die without ever drafting a will, you would be considered “intestate.” In this case, your estate would be evaluated and settled based on your state’s laws. This area of probate law refers to the legal process where a person’s estate is distributed to rightful heirs. For this to happen, a judge usually appoints an administrator to serve as the executor.

Potential Worry for Loved Ones

As you can imagine, dealing with someone’s passing is emotionally draining. But now, on top of that, family members have to deal with a stranger assigning them their loved one’s personal belongings.

The court-appointed executor should carry out their duties according to law. However, there may a chance that his or her decisions will not meet the family’s expectations. This can lead to grudges, fallouts, and other strains that could potentially take years to repair.

Avoid Any Issues by Talking with Us

At Fryer and Hansen, we know your family means the world to you. Our McAllen estate planning lawyers can offer the legal guidance you need. Contact us today for more information.

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