What Can I do if a Family Member Decides to Contest a Loved One’s Will?

A common worry that many have when putting together a will is their family and friends not accepting what the document stipulates. After all, emotions will be high following a loved one’s passing and feelings may be hurt if someone feels that the will is unfair. This can lead to a will contest, which can last for months or even years. If you want to avoid this, then here are some steps you can take. Our McAllen estate planning lawyers have the information you need!

Explain Your Decisions

It may be easier for family members to accept a decision if they know exactly why it was made. Make time to sit down with them as you write your will to explain why your belongings are being distributed in the method you’ve chosen. If this isn’t possible, provide an explanation in your will.

Competency Matters

A family or friend can claim the deceased was not in a fair state of mind when the will was drafted. However, you can prove your competency by having your attorney and doctor confirm your well-being.

Execute it Properly

Many people take will-drafting into their own hands, but this can prove troublesome if they fail to properly execute it. We recommend the assistance of our estate planning attorneys to make sure everything is in order.

Utilize the No-Contest Clause

This clause is an effective way to prevent a contest to your will. The process involves leaving enough assets to someone most likely to contest your will. If they choose to contest it anyway and lose, they will be left with nothing.

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