What You Should Keep in Mind When Discussing an Eminent Domain Case with Our McAllen Lawyers

Dealing with an eminent domain notice can be tricky and overwhelming, especially in the way they’re presented and handled. As we’ve learned, eminent domain notices revolve around some type of property or home ownership such as real estate, intangible properties and personal properties. Our eminent domain attorneys can help navigate the murky waters of one of these cases.

There are many details involved that need to be thoroughly examined before moving ahead to achieve a favorable outcome. If you do happen to sit down with our attorneys, what are some questions to ask?

Contact our eminent domain lawyers in McAllen today if your property has been seized for a construction project!

How At-Risk is My Property?

One of the biggest misunderstandings property owners believe when faced with an eminent domain notice is thinking that the government cannot seize it. The truth of the matter is that the government or seizing company, as long as it proves that your property’s construction will benefit the community, can move forward with an eminent domain action. Remember, this can only move forward if the seizing party pays the property owner a fair market value for their land.

Will I be Compensated?

Yes, you should be. Once someone comes to the realization that a government entity or company can obtain his or her property, the topic usually shifts to compensation. According to the law, the government must pay you a fair market value estimation. In other words, you should be paid the value that your property is worth on the open market. The entire process includes appraisers surveying the land to reach a final value.

Can I Keep My Property?

Many home and property owners will understandably want to keep their property. There are only two ways this can happen. First is if it can be proven that your land isn’t needed for the project the other party wants to use it for. Second is if you aren’t being offered a fair market value.

Project SH 68

Project SH 68 is a statewide transportation improvement program that will encompass a four-lane divided highway with overpasses and highways in Hidalgo County, specifically from US 83/1-2 to US 281/1-69C, making up a length of 22 miles. Most people affected will be in Donna and to the north of Edinburg. The purpose is to provide alternative routes for mandatory evacuations. If you’re still uncertain of how this will affect you or someone you know, call our eminent domain lawyers today.

We Can Help

Having your property taken for a construction project can be overwhelming and demoralizing, especially when dealing with land that’s been part of your family for generations. Asking the right questions and having the right people at your side can mean the difference between walking away knowing that the best possible result was reached and settling for compensation less than what your land is worth. Get in touch with us today to start your case.

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