Buying a Home: What to Know About the Process and Why an Attorney Should Help You – Part 1

Purchasing a home can and will be one of the most significant experiences one will ever go through. The process of searching for the perfect house and deciding how it will be paid for can take weeks or even months. It’s something that should be done with great care and oversight. It also happens to involve real estate property, meaning that if you aren’t familiar with the field, an expert, such as an attorney, will be a valuable guide to have during your home-buying experience. Let’s go over a few things about real estate purchases and how our lawyers can help you.

Legal guidance during the home-buying process is a must. Contact our lawyers in McAllen today to help you out!

Buying a Home

In a usual home purchase, a seller will enter a brokerage contract that involves a real estate agent. This will usually be done in writing. After finding a buyer, a broker will enter negotiations and act as an intermediary between both parties. After reaching an agreement, the buyer and seller will form a written contract agreement for the sale. This is the purchase agreement. From here, a buyer will then obtain a financing commitment. In the final step, the buyer receives the property from the seller.

We understand that this entire process sounds a bit complicated. This stresses the importance of having a real estate lawyer oversee your purchase or sale from beginning to end. This way, every small detail will be thoroughly explained to you to ensure that no complications arise.

Avoiding Difficult Issues

With one of our attorneys at your side, you can potentially avoid some problems that are quite common in the home-buying or selling process. One of these, for example, can include the brokerage agreement. A seller might sign one of these agreements that doesn’t involve any legal issues. However, it’s possible that a seller may be held liable for paying a brokerage commission even if the sale doesn’t go through to completion. He/she may even have to pay more than one commission.

If an agreement grants a seller the right to negotiate on their own behalf, this issue can be avoided. With a lawyer, the effect of dealing with multiple listings can be properly explained. A realtor’s rights can be highlighted if a seller withdraws the property from the market or is unable to deliver a marketable title.

Schedule a Consultation

Again, we can’t stress the importance of having one of our real estate lawyers help you. Many topics and factors will inevitably come up, and someone with the know-how of the market and real estate field can make the entire process easier to navigate through while helping you reach a conclusion that’s beneficial. By scheduling a consultation with us, we’ll go over your needs and concerns while explaining which issues, if any, may come up and how we’ll handle them together. Remember, we want what’s best for you and will do what we can to make that possible.

We’re Ready to Help You

If you need help with selling or purchasing real estate property, then we want to be there for you! Contact us today to schedule a consultation to get the process started. Our lawyers in McAllen have plenty of experience in this field and are more than confident that a beneficial conclusion can be reached in your case.

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