What You Should be Doing to Protect Your Eminent Domain Case – Part 2

In our previous blog post, we discussed a few of the details that homeowners should be aware of when negotiating with a government entity or other party regarding their eminent domain case. In this piece, we’ll be going over a few more suggestions that can help you secure the monetary value of what your land is worth.

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Brokers and Appraisers

Always keep in mind that, while real estate brokers and appraisers have similar knowledge in litigating an eminent domain case, a certified appraiser will always be more qualified when determining a fair market value for land. Our eminent domain attorneys in McAllen have more than enough experience locating and working with certified appraisers that possess the experience and training in dealing with eminent domain issues. If you’re still unsure about how to proceed, give us a call.

Partial Taking

There will be times when a government entity or company wanting your land will only need a small portion of it, leaving a landowner with a remainder of what he/she had before. This is referred to as “partial taking.” Make sure to have a reliable appraiser isolate any potential decrease in value of the land due to the seizure.

The More, the Better

Whenever an entity is looking to build a power line, road, school or government building, several landowners can be affected by the project. With that being said, most will also have the same interests as you. If more than a few landowners join together to file a complaint, the cost of litigation can be lower and the result can also be more favorable for everyone.

First Offers Aren’t Always the Best

Remember, if an entity is gearing up to seize your land and has already made an offer, you don’t have to accept what they put on the table. The 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article 1, Section 18 of the Texas Constitution can put the brakes on any seizure if the seizing party does not provide an owner with the compensation he/she deserves.

Helping You with Your Eminent Domain Cases

There are many ways that a legal contract can be structured. We can represent your interests based on whether your property is undervalued or if remaining pieces of land are affected. As we also mentioned in our last post, Project SH 68 is a construction project that will encompass future mainlines, highways and overpasses in eastern Hidalgo County.

The largest areas to be affected are the northern regions of Edinburg and Donna. If you’ve received any type of correspondence or contact regarding your property being seized for this project, then contact us immediately. Our attorneys are experienced and can help address the issue in your favor.

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