Lawsuit Filed After Oilfield Worker Suffers Injury on the Job Near Beaumont

One of the cornerstone industries of Texas is the oil and gas business. As volatile and dangerous as some jobs in this industry are, it continues to provide several thousands of Texans with well-paid work. In June of 2014, the Houston Chronicle reported that almost 300,000 Texans were on oil and gas industry payrolls. The amount of people in this line of work is significant, even with the risks involved.

However, with dangerous work come dangerous working conditions. Every employer, no matter which industry the company is in, should provide a safe working environment. Failing to do so can result in injuries. Several men in early August of 2016 learned just how serious dangerous work can be when negligence is involved.

If you feel as if you were a victim of negligence at your place of employment, then contact Fryer and Hansen to explore your options.

Injured at Work

Several men working at a crude oil terminal near Beaumont were injured when an explosion occurred. The workers were transported to medical facilities where they received extensive treatment. A total of seven people were hurt in the blast with injuries ranging from mild to severe. No updates have been given on their conditions.

One victim in the explosion filed a lawsuit three days after the accident naming the company owning the petrochemical storage building where the explosion occurred. The man claims the company implied that the area was safe for work. As the welder began working, pressure built up inside the line and he was struck in the chest and shoulder by a 30-inch plug that had been designed and installed by the company.

Avoidable work-related accidents should be addressed as quickly as possible through legal means. According to our own Bryan Hansen, “Whether it’s a personal injury case or a work-related injury, we will exhaust every avenue we can to investigate the cause of your accident. From there, we will formulate a plan for the best course of action to take.”

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We understand that certain industries involve dangerous work. However, an employer should take every precaution possible to ensure that workers are safe and free of risk of injury or death. If you have suffered an injury at your place of employment and believe it was the result of negligence and beyond your control, then reach out to us. We want to hear your side of the story in order to fully understand your situation. From there, we will tackle any obstacles standing in the way of you getting the justice you need. Contact our lawyers in McAllen to get started today.

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