Wills and Trusts Mcallen: How to Protect Your Assets

Family is an incredible bond – especially for the Rio Grande Valley community. If you’ve worked hard to provide for your family and leave them with the legacy you’ve built once you’re gone, you’ll want to protect your assets and prepare them to be passed down with wills and trusts Mcallen. The McAllen estate planning... read more

Our Estate Planning Attorneys in McAllen Talk Handling Debt

Will your spouse be responsible for your debt once you pass? Can your assets be used to settle your debt? Can your debt be passed on to your children? Debt is one of the most common conversations when creating an estate plan and for a good reason. According to a recent CNBC report, the average American... read more

If You’re Preparing a Will, NEVER Leave These 3 Factors Out

When you prepare your will, you’re essentially taking inventory of everything you’ve done in your life. This ranges from the assets you’ve amassed to the relationships you’ve created. It can be a daunting experience and cause issues if done wrong. Our McAllen estate planning lawyers of Fryer and Hansen know how imperative an adequately written... read more

When is the Best Time to Plan My Estate with a Wills and Trusts Lawyer in McAllen?

For the most part there’s always a “perfect time of the year” to do just about anything, right? If you’re going to clean the house, spring is the go-to season. If you’re going to do some heavy-duty shopping, tax-free weekend is the time. So, is there a prime season to work with an estate planning... read more

Avoid Falling Prey to Living Trust Scams with our Attorneys in McAllen Texas

As the healthcare landscape and growing job insecurity have changed over the last few years, so have the types of fraudulent scams in the United States. Unfortunately, becoming a victim is easy, especially to living trust scams. This type can make individuals lose anywhere from $500 to $5,000. Work with our wills and trusts lawyers... read more

What Our McAllen Lawyers Have to Say about Handling Debt in a Will

Drafting a will with our McAllen lawyers can be a critical step. However, some people may think that their possessions will go to their spouse as long as they are married. We want to remind you that this is not always the case. If you have incurred some debt, this debt can still affect living... read more

Prepare for the Unknown Future Today with Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts in McAllen

When it comes to making decisions that can affect your family after your passing, you’ll surely run into some difficulties. After all, you’re choosing how your assets will be divided to the people closest to you. It’s always best to have a team of trusted McAllen estate planning lawyers by your side to help.  Power... read more

3 Different Ways You Can Legally Revoke an Existing Will

A will is an important document that aims to address what becomes of your personal belongings after you pass. If you’ve already drafted one, then great! However, it’s important to know that life is always changing, meaning that your will should be updated whenever these changes occur. At Fryer and Hansen, our estate planning lawyers... read more

What Can I do if a Family Member Decides to Contest a Loved One’s Will?

A common worry that many have when putting together a will is their family and friends not accepting what the document stipulates. After all, emotions will be high following a loved one’s passing and feelings may be hurt if someone feels that the will is unfair. This can lead to a will contest, which can... read more

Two Things That Can Happen if You Don’t Prepare a Will

As life would have it, death often comes when we least expect it. This is especially true when healthy, young, and active people suddenly pass away. Of course, after a person passes, there’s a great deal of emotional uncertainty surrounding his or her family. This can be further stressed if the individual never prepared a... read more