Prepare for the Negotiation Process with Our Eminent Domain Lawyers in McAllen

Have you received an eminent domain notice from a private company, state government office, or federal government entity? If so, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with what eminent domain is and how your rights can help you through the process. Learn what to expect during negotiations and seek the help of one of our lawyers in McAllen, each of whom are well-versed and knowledgeable about eminent domain.

Gather Your Property’s Information

An eminent domain case will almost always begin when a private company or government agency sends a landowner a notice, wherein, they’ll be told that their land has been chosen for use in some form for a construction development project. This can include the expansion of a roadway, the construction of a government building, or other project.

This company or entity will make a monetary offer for your land. When this happens, know that:

  • You must be given at least thirty days to accept or refuse the offer or negotiate between the initial and final offer.
  • You must also be given an additional 14 days to respond to the offer.

Learn your Eminent Domain Rights

If you and a company do not agree on an offer by the end of the legal negotiating period, the company can then file a request through the court for a condemnation process. However, you can avoid this by knowing your eminent domain rights. At the beginning of negotiations, the company should provide you with several documents:

  • The Initial written offer made by the entity for your land and an appraisal of your property’s worth.
  • A copy of the Attorney General’s Landowner Bill of Rights that outlines what your rights are and what the company must legally provide.

Hire a Lawyer in McAllen

Find the legal guidance you need if you’ve been served with an eminent domain notice.  You can contact Fryer & Hansen to help ensure that your rights are not violated.

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