3 Reasons From our Attorneys in McAllen You’ll Want to Create a Will

There’s a big chance you’ve thought about drafting a will or estate planning before. You recently got married, had kids, got divorced, or your financial situation changed. Our attorneys in McAllen know of some other reasons you may want to create or update a will. Share this with someone you think can benefit. 

You’re 18

That’s right! You’re never too young to draft a last will. In fact, that is the exact reason you should. At 18, you may not have property to your name, but you could have assets or a savings. Now that you’re of age, you’ll be legally allowed to draft a will. And don’t forget, you can amend it as you get older and significant changes in your life to begin to happen. 

Do you Want a Specific Funeral?

Funerals are significant occasions for plenty of people. If you have a clear idea of what you want yours to look like, you’ll want to explain your wishes in a will. Whether you want to choose a specific song, location, or floral arrangement, the last will is your opportunity to make your wishes clear. Also, if you have money set aside for this occasion, the last will allows you to explain where this money will go. 

You Have Wishes for Your Digital Assets

Most people forget to provide instructions for their digital assets in their will. Fortunately, you can attach a document to your will that explains what you wish to happen to your digital assets. With clear directions, all your online accounts, photos, videos, and even cryptocurrency can potentially be recovered into the digital realm. 

Contact our Attorneys in McAllen

At Fryer and Hansen we deal with your estate planning needs, so you won’t have to. After all, we know how overwhelming and time-consuming it can be for most people. Our attorneys in McAllen are here to listen to your story and help you evaluate all your options. Contact us today to learn more about our services.  

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