3 Tips for Estate Planning in McAllen Every New Family Needs to Know 

It’s no secret most people believe estate planning is a step reserved for older people who retire. In reality, you need to consider creating an estate plan while young. It’s even more necessary if you have are starting your family. Our estate planning lawyers in McAllen hope these three factors can sway you to plan now.

Consider Your Children’s Future

What would happen to your children if they no longer had parents? Without a will, the choice is left to a court judge. At the very least, we know you’d want your little one to be left with someone you trust. Creating a will with Fryer law firm allows you to choose someone you trust to care for your child:

  • Daily care
  • Education needs
  • Health concerns and medical decisions

Let’s Talk About Trusts and McAllen Lawyers

There are different types of trusts that our McAllen lawyers can create for your estate plan. Trusts need to be detailed in order for your assets to be easily designated to a certain need.

Trusts can help you:

  • Donate to a charity of your choice.
  • Cover your child’s education costs.
  • Designate money strictly used for paying off debts.

Your McAllen Will Can Change

Your new family will change plenty in the next two decades, and a will can reflect that. Who better to trust than the legal team that has grown with your family? Our McAllen estate planning lawyers can help you draft and update wills and trusts as you see fit!

Let’s Get to Work

At Fryer and Hansen, we know estate planning, wills, the probate process, and everything else can be confusing. But you don’t have to go at it alone! Our McAllen estate planning lawyers are here to get to work on one of the most crucial aspects of your family’s life. Give us a call today for more information about what we can do for you.


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