Discover 5 Digital Assets Allowed in Wills from our Estate Planning Lawyers in McAllen

Digital assets are a thing of the present and they’re undoubtedly here to stay. But what does that mean for you as you begin your estate planning process? Should they be considered the same type of property as our cars, houses, money, and land? The short answer is yes, but digital property can cover a lot of assets that may surprise you. To help clear things up, our estate planning lawyers in McAllen want to share vital information that can impact your estate plan.

Keep These Assets in Mind

Yes, your cryptocurrency is undoubtedly a digital asset, but this type of property doesn’t stop there. In fact, the list of digital assets you may have in your possession is potentially incredibly large. 

Digital assets include:

  • Domain names you may have purchased in the past. 
  • Data that you may have stored in the Cloud or on digital devices.
  • Hardware including computers, hard drives and even smartphones.
  • Intellectual property such as copywritten material, trademarks, and even computing code.
  • Online accounts such as social media accounts, emails, shopping accounts, video gaming accounts, owned websites, etc.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

There’s a big chance you have way more digital assets than you first imagined. Sifting through them all and being thorough about the way you classify them can become overwhelming and frustrating, but you don’t have to do it alone. Fryer and Hansen in McAllen is always available to help. 

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