3 Reasons Young Families Should Create an Estate Plan with our Attorneys in McAllen

Young families have plenty of responsibilities on their plates. From balancing childcare, school, and jobs, it may feel there is hardly any time left in your day. Still, thinking about your future is necessary. Without a will or estate plan, decisions for your family can be left up to a probate court judge. This can impact your future finances, your spouse’s livelihood, and your child’s future. Fortunately, our attorneys in McAllen can help you layout your estate plan and prepare for your loved one’s future. 

Our estate planning attorneys in McAllen want to share three reasons you will want to create an estate plan now. 

Ensure Your Property Stays in Your Family

As a parent, we know you want what’s best for your child. But what happens when you’re no longer here to care for them? By beginning the estate planning process, you can start calculating their inheritance. Perhaps you want to leave your property in their name, pass down your valued family heirlooms, or set up a trust for their education. Whatever the case, beginning the estate process at a young age keeps you ahead of the curve. 

Provide Trustworthy Childcare Options

If your child has significant health issues that can affect them their entire life, you’ll want to ensure the right person will care for them after you’ve passed. You’ll need someone you can trust to be your guardian if you pass in an untimely manner. Planning your estate helps you make these difficult decisions before it’s too late. 

Prepare for Any Situation with our Attorneys in McAllen

When you draft a will or estate plan early on, you have more chance to change it before finalizing your documents. This gives you more time to consider outstanding factors such as 

  • Wealth growth
  • Family growth
  • Property distribution.
  • Complete beneficiary list 

At Fryer and Hansen, we understand you may feel too young to worry about estate planning. We suggest you look at it this way, you’re taking a proactive stance for the item you value most. 

Contact our Attorneys in McAllen

Our estate planning attorneys in McAllen are here to do the heavy work, concerning your estate plan. Start planning today and get a FREE consultation when you contact us for an appointment. 

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