Our Estate Planning McAllen Lawyers Answer Common Questions

Creating an estate plan in McAllen is a multifaceted process filled with factors to consider, a wide range of information to collect, and its fair share of questions. This last part generally needs to be clarified for many individuals planning their estate. At Fryer and Hansen in McAllen, we want to ensure you have as much information as possible before you begin crafting your estate plan. To help, our estate planning McAllen lawyers answer some of the most common questions people face.

Can I Provide Funeral Directives?

Some people want to be memorialized with large, elaborate celebrations. Others, on the other hand, prefer smaller gatherings. Whatever you wish your funeral to look like, know that your estate plan allows you to provide the direction you want to take. In it, you can specify your wishes you want your loved ones to follow.

Who Will Reach Out to My Family?

Whether you have children, a spouse, or even pets, you want to ensure they will be cared for after your passing. But who will be the one to take on such a task? As you create your estate plan, you’ll need to think deeply about the person you can trust to fulfill your wishes and take on your responsibilities. Please note that this question will require careful consideration, so take your time and carefully evaluate your options.

Who Will Execute My Will?

Out of all the people you know, who can you trust to carry out your wishes? Whoever it is, they must be able to oversee and execute your estate plan as you desire. In most cases, people put their trust in a family member, friend, or even an estate planning lawyer in McAllen.

Our Estate Planning McAllen Lawyers Can Help

Sometimes, the estate planning process can become an overwhelming one to take on. If you’re having trouble keeping track of all your considerations or have questions about the process, Fryer and Hansen can help. Read About other Estate Plan Concerns:

Our estate planning McAllen lawyers are ready to provide the support you need to make educated decisions about your family’s future. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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