3 Probate Mistakes Our McAllen Estate Planning Lawyers Want You to Avoid

Have you ever heard of someone contesting a will or estate plan in a probate court? Picture it. You show up to a court to listen to the distribution of your loved ones’ assets and property they had promised you. However, another relative is there contesting how much you are to receive. It’s troubling but familiar in a probate court. This situation, and worse, is avoidable as long as a will is written and deemed valid. Our McAllen estate planning lawyers at Fryer and Hansen can be those guides for you. Read about the three areas where a valid will is important

Your Health

If you were to become incapacitated due to a severe illness or injury, there’s a big chance you won’t be able to make medical decisions on your own. Your healthcare options may potentially fall in the hands of a probate court. This means your health will be determined by people you don’t even know and who may not advocate for what you truly believe.

Your Assets

If you decide to make your estate plan, you may not do what’s best for your loved ones via your assets. The decisions they inevitably make can cause a divide within your family. If your instructions need to be clarified or added, how your property is distributed will also be handled by a probate court unfamiliar with your family and your situation. This is why estate planning is so crucial for you and your family.

Your Children

Imagine a probate court deciding your children’s future if you and your spouse were to pass away. This nightmare scenario can become a reality if you make a mistake while drafting your will.

Avoid Future Legal Issues

At Fryer and Hansen in McAllen, the most effective way to steer clear of any estate planning issues is with the help of an expert. Fortunately, our estate planning lawyers are ready to get to work for you.

Contact our McAllen Estate Planning Lawyers

If you’re feeling too overwhelmed about the estate planning process, don’t worry. The McAllen estate planning lawyers at Fryer and Hansen are here and ready to help. We’ll help you face the hard questions and provide support as you make all your decisions. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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